Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about the method and hypnosis.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

No, absolutely not. Hypnosis has no side effects.

Is everyone hypnotizable?

Yes, everyone can be hypnotized. Only people with epilepsy should consider some precautions in the use of hypnosis. Even during pregnancy or if you are following any conventional medical treatment hypnosis is perfectly safe.

I’ve had several attempts to quit but unsuccessful – can hypnosis still help me?

Absolutely. If you have tried to beat the habit on previous occasions, you will know the cravings and anxiety related to quitting. Using hypnosis to stop smoking you will appreciate that these symptoms simply do not exist.

Do you use fear tactics to scare us?

No. These tactics simply do not work. You know the damage that is being caused by smoking, the dangers of long term smoking and read the warning labels on the packets – those do not help to quit smoking and neither does a fear tactic from our side.

Do I need to use nicotine patches or gum?

The method is complete and requires no nicotine substitute, so there is no need for nicotine gum, patches, or any other nicotine replacement product. These also tend to have side effects so please consider using them carefully.

How much will I save if I quit?

Depending on how much you smoke and what brand this can calculate easily to a nice holiday once a year. Calculate it for yourself by how much you spend per day on cigarettes and multiply it by 365 (days per year). Surprising isn't it.

During the hypnosis will I be awake or asleep?

Wide awake, hypnosis is a state of deep concentration and conscious relaxation, which never sleeps. Everything said during the hypnosis session will be remembered with ease and clarity. Hypnosis does NOT produce amnesia, of any kind.

Could I get “stuck” in hypnotic state and not come out of it?

Nobody will ever plunge into a hypnotic sleep. If for any reason the hypno-therapist left you under hypnosis, you could "wake" without any problems on your own.

Why won’t I gain weight when I quit smoking with hypnosis?

When people quit smoking with willpower they still see themselves as a smoker. Under these circumstances people will start replacing the smoking habit with a binging or snacking habit. By using hypnosis to stop smoking you don't see yourself as a smoker and therefore won't have to replace one bad habit with another one.

Do I have to prepare anything before attending the session?

Nothing in particular. I only ask that you come with a final decision, that you want to quit smoking. That you keep an open mind and avoid alcoholic beverages before you join the session. If you come with friends or family who want to quit, we advise you to sit separately in the session to concentrate better, however afterwards supporting each other helps.

Why Hypnosis to stop smoking?

Unlike nicotine replacement methods (patches, electronic cigarettes, nicotine gum) hypnosis to quit smoking is not a replacement method. Your body is not addicted to nicotine so it needs no replacement. Smoking creates a dependency which hypnosis helps to break. This is why the most effective method to quit smoking is hypnosis to stop smoking.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis can be referred to as a guided meditation or guided relaxation in which I use positive suggestions and language patterns to guide into a state of deep relaxation.