Here is some of my client's feedback after a session. I look forward to receive yours after the session.

"I had smoked nearly 20 years and tried to quit several times using patches and nicotine gum. Now I have finally stopped smoking and for the first time I don't have to fight not to smoke. It is now quite normal for me to be "non smoking". This feeling is extremely good! Thanks a lot!"
Tim S. // Freiburg, Germany

"WOW, I feel like a new person....I can feel something has changed! I don't even want cigarettes anymore, really. It feels like I've never smoked in my life! Amazing. Thank you Stephan!!"
Mariet P. // Pretoria, South Africa

"Nearly 1 week since my hypnosis with Stephan. No smokes!!! I cant believe how easy it is to sit with smokers and be oblivious to the habit. Thank you Stephan!"
Sarah C. // Barcelona, Spain

"I did not think it would be this easy as I have tried to quit smoking before and it was a huge struggle. Thank you so much Stephan - my life has changed and I intend to keep it that way."
Marisa M. // Pretoria, South Africa

"... then to thank you to infinity. The opportunity you have given me through hypnosis to be completely FREE of smoking! Since the session I have not smoked and the best part is that I have not suffered at all, I can not believe it really. Well thank you very much from my heart."
Janet C. // Barcelona, Spain

"All's good. I haven't wanted a cigarette at all. For the first time I'm feeling really good and confident. I do not even want a smoke and I am surprised at how easy the process has been. I cannot understand why I have made such a big deal of quitting smoking and why I have not done it before. Thank you so much Stephan"
Rob C. // Johannesburg, South Africa

"Thanks Stephan, I would have been unable to cope with willpower alone! I feel free from cravings and have much more energy!"
Sascha S. // Leipzig, Germany

"After the session I did not feel the need to smoke –and 3 months later I feel the same."
Juan A. // Barcelona, Spain

"The hypnosis was a wonderful experience and helped me stop. I have not smoked for 5 months now and I feel amazing. I can only recommend Stephan."
Luisa M. // Madrid, Spain

"After the 2 hour session I saw myself as a non-smoker and 6 months later I still am. The best thing was that I had no cravings or withdrawal."
Carmen K. // Barcelona, Spain

"My experience was amazing. After various attempts to quit I finally managed with your help. I don’t know how to thank you."
Monica S. // Stuttgart, Germany

"After almost 25 years of smoking and countless attempts at quitting, you finally managed to "break the habit". I'm now off the cigarettes for 5 months and for the first time ever I see myself as a non-smoker. Many thanks!"
Markus M. // Johannesburg, South Africa

"I smoked for 15 years and up till 2 packets a day. After your hypnosis I have not touched another cigarette and it feels great. Thank you so much for freeing me."
Thomas P. // Stuttgart, Germany

"I was very sceptical about the hypnosis and Stephan’s method. It was a wonderful experience and I can only recommend his method if you are thinking to quit smoking. I have and thanks to Stephan."
Sonja A. // Barcelona, Spain

"Hypnosis is a way to communicate with your inner being and a method to visualise exactly what smoking does and how to free yourself of it easily and happily."
Laura C. // Barcelona, Spain