Hypnosis is the most effective way to quit smoking.

Just as a non-smoker doesn’t have the want to smoke, you will leave the 2 hour session the same way - without the desire to light up... Or your money back.

1The first (60 minutes)

In this first part, I will guide you to identify the perceived reasons for smoking and strengthen your motivation to quit. I will also demonstrate the simple steps you will take to stop without effort, without suffering and without relapse. You will learn that the benefits you get from smoking are only perceived. eg.

The misconception that smoking helps

  • Relax
  • Improve concentration
  • Manage stress
2The second (60 minutes)

In this session I use a state of hypnotic relaxation (based on Ericksonian) to convey a series of positive suggestions to the conscious and subconscious. This allows you to:

  • Remove the desire to smoke
  • Strengthening your will
  • Control anxiety
  • Improve the prospects for success
  • Remove the guilt related to tobacco

Hypnosis changes the way you see yourself. From a smoker to a non-smoker.

The session is a group session but it is NOT group therapy.

Nobody has to “confess” to anything or be embarrassed. You don’t even have to say a word but are welcome to question. No participation is required from your side whatsoever.

In one session you can stop smoking

Hypnosis is a method that works for all kinds of smokers. I have been monitoring many participants who have shown that they did not need to smoke after only one session. We usually take a little break in the middle of the session to smoke your last cigarette. Remember to bring your pack of cigarettes.

100% natural and without side effects

The method consists of a set of mental techniques and Ericksonian based hypnosis. It will be a very light trance and at no time will you lose consciousness. I uses the latest advances in the mental techniques to change “the chip of mind” to become a happy non-smoker.

If during the session you’re not convinced I will return your money.

I invite you to attend a group session. Assist in the first part and if you are not convinced, speak to me during the break and I will offer you your money back- no questions asked.

The Guarantee

Although once is usually enough, there are cases where the method does not work the first time. This guarantee allows free admission to a booster session if it is needed within a year. Contact us to reserve your seat.